Samuel Mauller

It Is Possible to Come True

May 13, 2014



If i just right a list of things that I wished were true, I would probably never stop. Just a few things that I wished were true are probably pretty common to others. For instance, I wish I was a millionaire, I wish that I had a bigger house, wish I had the newest car and so on. I would love to have all the new clothes and shoes. With having my own business I am cable of having some of these things. But for my business it would be cool if we became a multi-million dollar company. Many things I wish to come true that may never. But I can work on these goals, wishes and wants to come true. If I was cable of finishing school early and going off to start a job that would be sweet as well. Revolving school events, I wish it was true that I had all A's in my classes. Also if I was the fastest runner on my track team that would be awesome. But like I said earlier all of theses things are possible of coming true with hard work.


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