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"I am not complete," Edward Scissorhands.
"I just want to be perfect," Nina Sayers.
Edward Cullen.

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“I love rose gardens
I plant violets every time someone leaves me
I love the great sequoias of Yosemite
And if you asked my sister to describe the first thing she thinks of when she thinks of me
She would say camp fire smoke” - “My Bedroom Is a Sacred Place Now — There Are Children at the Foot of My Bed” (Poem from Lana Del Rey’s poetry book)

Bride of Frankenstein

August 5, 2021

First, you told me that you would love to hold my hand and wander around the majestic trees that produce more of our love for us to breathe
Then you told me that our hands no longer fit into each other and that the now dull trees only produce the throbbing oxygen that I no longer want to breathe
First, you told me that you would let me fall into your arms as you would catch me from running into where the wild lilies sleep because you knew that they would bite
Then you said that you were tired of catching me and let the wild lilies bite until I was the one sleeping while the poison of your carelessness sang me to bed
First, you told me that you would love me forever and we would let the purple butterflies carry us deeper into the neverending hole of our love
Then you told me that you didn't want to love me. 
You told me that I wasn't worth sharing all of those adventures with.
And so, finally, you left me alone falling into the ditch.
This one is definitely one of my favorites.


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