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Message to Readers

Thank you so so so so so so much to everyone who offered reviews and comments to help this piece!! I’ve really enjoyed writing it, and I can’t wait to read loads of other entries :D

Have a great day you guys!

Strawberry Sauce

August 17, 2021

My scream catches, barbed, in my throat. Time spins and wraps inwards on itself until all I can see is the sickly churning of the candyfloss machine at the fair. It spews pink cobwebs. Round, round, round.

The ice cream van’s melody warbles into the sky; it crumbles into hundreds and thousands and shatters on the ground. I stare down at my brother, his eyes round, round, round.

Mum’s pound coins clump in my pocket, like damp cement. I clutch my cone tighter.

Strawberry sauce, red and sticky, seeps onto the pavement and stains his white polyester laces. 
Words: 98

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  • Writing4Life

    Hey! I've published Chapter 6 of Dangers From the Deep! Hope you enjoy!
    (oh wait do you play the piano??)
    (also ahhhh the end result is amazing!)

    2 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Awesomeee!!! Love how the piece here has developed. The ice cream van and similes really make the last line stand out.
    Re: Thanks so much and good luck to you too!

    2 months ago
  • TerenNeret

    I adore the tense, almost sinister tone of an innocent image. This is superb!

    2 months ago