I'm a writer. Reader. Piano player. Survivor watcher. Food lover. Hair braider. Hat wearer. Over analyser. Hufflepuff-er. Also a glow-worm in my free time.

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Me oversharing: One of the biggest frustrations I face as a writer is not being able to translate the image/feeling that I have in my head into words. Not being able to literally write the story I want to put me off writing and made me doubt my abilities and my passion. Nevertheless, I managed to strangle something out of my self-doubt that isn't against WtW's guidelines. Any help on how to better convey emotion and 'show' not 'tell' would be greatly appreciated!

"you were a cute kid"

August 17, 2021

And I was, wide buck-toothed grin framed by blue dungarees and dollar-store stickers. Freckled cheeks round with joy, eyes squinting under summer sun. Was it the summer? My fingers trace the dusty curl of my hair, the photo grainy under the glare of modern technology and teenage pessimism. If I close my eyes, I picture a young girl riding the flush of sugar after spoonfuls of ice cream, or a mother squaring her shoulders and instructing her to say 'cheese', or simply her indulging in the warmth. A snapshot of momentary, forgettable bliss.

Can I still smile like that?



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