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Love Hurts

By: Talia_2006

"Did you ever love me?" Alex asked. "Of course." "Why leave me there? I was alone for three hours. How can you do that too me?" Sarah tried to reach out for Alex desperately, but she pulled away. "I'm just not ready." Alex looked at Sarah angered. "I have waited for you and snuck around for four years. I have sat alone at dances, I have watched you kiss boys, I have watched you live a life while I have waited. At some point you get tired of waiting." Alex paused for a moment before running away from Sarah. 

Peer Review

I absolutely loved this text! Especially the quote: " At some point, you get tired of waiting."

I could perfectly understand that Alex likes/loves Sarah, who doesn't give her enough attention.

Kind of, I would like something other than the "she pulled away" that tells me that Alex is a girl. Also, I would enjoy having some more info on Alex and Sahra's relationship, are they, friends? Classmates?

This is honestly a beautiful poem, keep writing! You got this,

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