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I'm trying to fit all the phrases in this piece of writing. Any help with "why should we care," would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for helpful tips on character building.

Notice Me

May 19, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Alan swung open the door to the comic store. Josh raised a half-hearted hand in greeting, already occupied with the sheets of paper in front of him. Alan rapped his knuckles imperiously on the counter. 

"Dude, come on. Pay attention to me. I got half and hour before I gotta go to the bowling alley."

Josh sighed. "I don't want to fill this out," he muttered to himself. 

"What is it?"

He slid the paper over to Alan who skimmed it. 

"Do you or have you ever done drugs? Well that's delightful."

Josh slammed his head on the counter sending a spray of loose, blonde hair across the counter. 

"It's the way they phrased it. Do you or have you ever. I did drugs once but I don't do them now. It's like..." He struggled to think of a phrase, "Doing it once has no differentiation between being a crackhead, in their eyes."

Alan brushed Josh's hair off his arm and moved to the stacks of comic books. "Deep man."

Josh looked briefly annoyed that he hadn't offered any words of sympathy. Alan didn't notice. He was too busy stalking past and scanning clusters of tall shelves.

"Where's my stuff?"

Josh peered up again. "Bottom right, underneath Wonder woman."

Alan crouched down and pulled out a box that had two carelessly thrown comics in it. "Stop hiding my words, ya Swede. This is a work of art. Just recognize my awesomeness already."

The Swede threw a pencil at Alan's curly brown head. He missed. "What does my nationality have to do with recognizing art?" Alan ignored him. Josh tried again. 

"One thing I didn't understand about your villain was his motivation. Why the fuck did he want the love potion? Was it just because the hero wanted it as well?"

Alan made a face at him. "He's full of spite."

"About what?"

"Dead friend, remember?"

"Oh yeah."

"I guess you learn something new every day, Swede. By the way can I borrow this?" He held up a copy of Batman, Bruce Wayne's long face matching his own. 

"As long as you return it in mint-condition, you bastard. I've seen your room."

Alan wiggled his eyebrows and strolled out. Josh's eyes watched his back as he left the air conditioned store. 



1. I don't want to fill this out

2. Well that's delightful

3. Just recognize my awesomeness 

4. He's full of spite

5. Return it in mint-condition

6.  You learn something new everyday

8. Stop hiding my words

9. Why should we care


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