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hey! im a teen writer trying to fill a whole lot of blank pages. i love, english (who doesn't), painting, drawing, books, poetry and music. kind of awkward but aren't we all?
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◆tea stains
◆dutch golden age
◆smells books
◆ the beatles
◆ feminist
◆history nerd [nerd in general]
◆ violins sound pretty

we are writers, my love. we don't cry. we bleed on paper- a.y.

Parents vs Friends

July 31, 2021

The first thing I was told was to cover up
But the second they saw me
They said that the skin I was showing was not enough

Next I was told to shut my mouth
Then they took me to a party and forced me to be loud

The minute I got home I was a good girl again
Friends forgotten, parents drilling me with questions:

Of where I had been
Who was I with?
Was it those bad influences again?
 My confidence is thin

Parents tell me this
And friends tell me that
Identity crisis
Do I wear a frilly dress or a cowboy hat?

I was taught manners first
And friendships last
Torn between two worlds
The distance is vast


I haven't written poetry in a while and this was kind of rushed, but I like it.


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