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"remember: reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, byeee!"
- bill cipher

happy pride month!

i’m not fully inactive, but my motivation has been low lately, so i’m not posting often. however! i’m working on a long story/short book i might publish, once i finish a few chapters.


July 30, 2021

First they said I was too smart
Then I said that I was just as smart as I worked for

Then they said I was too quiet
Then I said that maybe I just don’t want to talk to them

Then they said I was too opinionated
Then I said that there was nothing wrong with me saying what’s fundamentally right 

Then they said I was too skinny
Then I said that I was happy with who I am

Then they said I was too freckly
Then I said that they were angel kisses

Then they said I was too much of an atheist
Then I said that I don’t have to believe in the same things as them

You wear the wrong clothes! Think the wrong things! Eat the wrong food! Your hair is messed up, your earrings are the wrong color, and so are your clothes and eyes.
And I said, Hey! I am who I am! Why do you care?


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