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Bad Bunnies

July 30, 2021

    A long time ago there was a forest where anyone that lived there was loved and respected. The old and young, rich and poor, every animal was pampered and pleased. And they were happy very, very happy. They were so happy that they would perform music in the streets, singing their hearts out. 
    One day a family of bunnies moved to the forest. These bunnies were mean, and spiteful, and most of all HATED music. 
    The bunnies would trash the turtles' tubas...
                                    crumble the crocs' clarinets...
                                           smash the squirrels' saxes...
                                                 Break the bears' banjos...
                                                     Fling the finches' flutes...   and burn them
                                                         Disrupted the deer's' drums...
                                                             And moved the mouse's mic.
    None of the other animals liked the bunnies. They broke their instruments, broke their band, and that broke their hearts. The once happy forest was now sad and in despair; crying replaced the music and sorrow replaced their pride. 
    The bunnies were laughing through their little pink mouths, the music was gone, the forest was torn, and they had power. The bunnies claimed themselves kings and queens of the forest. They declared that they would rule all and that the forest must bow down to them. 
    When the new rules were announced, the animals wouldn't budge. "This is our land!" said Badger, "We will not give it up! Not to you!" 
    "We have met with each other" said Bear, "We will not let you live here any more. We want our instruments back. We have no king, we want no king. Please, go." 
    The bunnies were stunned. They knew that they were troublesome, but they didn't think they were unwanted. They packed up their bags and left. The bunnies never returned the instruments; they tried, but the forest had refused them and made their own. The birds learned to sing, the mice learned to squeak, the dear learned to clop, the crocs learned to keep a beat, and the bears learned to roar.

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