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Paradigm of the Paradox

July 30, 2021

There will never be pleasure sans
never will a world of eminence emerge, if not for
Transcendent mediocrity 
The first must follow the last 

shame has been birthed 
the identical twin of pride 

the beginning is defined only by where it may end
and the sea only stretches as far as the land

the luminance of the night sky may only be as bright
as the darkness it replaces 

it is the dullness of life
that creates the effervescence of simplicity 
the vivacious grey 
that makes our hearts grateful for monotonous vermilion 

it is life that inspires death 
death that enkindles life 

the atoms we are made of'
the space we take up
the perfect blend of indispensable and inconsequential 

in the end
we are both nothing and all there is


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