Anna SafA

Russian Federation

The last summer eve is in July

July 29, 2021


"The last summer eve is in July",
I thought, sitting on the sill
next to the open window,
when the cool breeze
hastily kissed me in my lips
with strawberry lipstick
and I licked autumn flavor
from dear beloved's touch
It's barely bitter
There're tastes of the wet soil,
wet eyes, silver grass,
fresheness of cold fingers
and an empty dark space around,
what people usually fill
by cinnamon, lemons, cocoa, 
wool sweaters with moth powder,

The summer lates for 2 months
August is already a hostage of the fall
Though, it's still considered as sunny time,
for me it's a periphery,
a gradient between
singing swallows,
unevenly tanned bodies, fug
and golden coins on trees,
frost, fog, the permeating,
brash, choppy wind
Also, it has one day inside,
which is mine
I hate summers,
but I like my birth month 
- August
Now I, half-summer, half-fall,
can understand the reasons

Why I always have so many birthmarks,
as somebody has written
my biography, erased it,
leaving punctuation marks
on my skin
And they replenish
on summertime
But why I always have freezy fingers,
as I keep them in the shower
of the endless chilly drizzle
Why I always like waking up early
at 5, 4, 3:30 am,
as something inside my brain
is envoked by new day invisible waves,
bringing on azure hands of the sky
But why I always keep melancholic face expression
anytime and in any situation
(or it returns to me after a moment),
as if I'm discharged
by the lack of the sun energy

Because I'm always on a periphery,
hesitating, swinging as the pendulum,
passionately desiring to bifurcate
and live double life
Because I'm a summer-fall girl,
ripping between 2 seasons
And it's my time has come


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