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Introvert, LGBTQ, mental health advocate.

- drafting my third novel
- clinically depressed (but okay with it;)
- utterly immersed in a story
- supposed to be somewhere else

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Love is love. Black lives matter. No human is illegal. Science is real. Women's rights are human rights. Kindness is everything. Written, spoken word is invaluable.


there are things in this world worth saving, and you are one of them.
there are many things i don't have, but strength comes in different forms.
i have a pen and a keyboard, and together, we will be untouchable.


'Remember, in the end all you have to do is breathe.'

Waver To and Fro

August 4, 2021

I am cautious, 
But I am defiant. 
I am peaceful, 
But I have waged wars. 
I have seen the beauty, 
But also the darkness. 
I am myself, 
But I’ve been others before. 

I’ve played the daughter,
But also the orphan. 
I’ve imitated the fool, and
Constructed facades of wisdom. 
I’ve followed the rules, 
But have become the rebel, the rogue.
In the end, I go wherever
My heart calls. 

I’ve swam with 
and against the tide. 
I’ve known love, 
But also jealousy and spite. 
I’ve been the stranger, 
The friend and the foe. 
I’ve created and learned
To knock these walls down. 


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