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the squirrel is back!!

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I’d love to know what you think about this, and places where my imagery could be expanded/ where it felt dull to read.

To be a Woman

August 1, 2021

Just be yourself —
That’s all.
We’re all different,
But that’s okay
We’ll get you rolled out and cookie cut in no time. 

Don’t dumb yourself
But she’s just a show off.
You can do sport! 
Just stick to netball, or gymnastics,
Or, you know what? You’d be an incredible ballerina!

Roll up your skirt — what are you? A nun
If you go out like that, you’ll be asking for it.
Wear black,
Wear pink,
Definitely not both.
Embrace your femininity
By burying it deep down 
Underneath nail varnish and baggy hoodies.

(never) Eat two slices of cake.

You’re beautiful as you are 
But really you should cover up that spot
That stretch mark 
Wait, you don’t shave?? 

Laugh loudly!
... Not at that
Speak louder — how else will anyone hear your voice? 
We don’t need your opinion on everything.
It’s okay, let it all out—
Why are you so sensitive? 

Look, just
Be proud
(Of the westernised beauty standards that you’ve ticked off the bucket list by 15 years old) 

But really, the most important thing: 
Be yourself, as long as you
Don’t stand out. 
You’ll be fine (probably) 
I didn’t think I’d ever really write a feminist poem, but I think this is number 2 now!! Look at me go haha


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  • FantasyOtter12

    Re: *suavely thanks you* -bows-
    ur photoshop skills are beyond everything I have ever seen :P

    11 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Somehow, I knew you would like that line :') Yeah I'm all good haha. Ah good ^^ Honestly tho, Rue Street sounds like so legit, but little do the non-frenchers (oh wait no that sounds wrongggg) know that it's just street street ;)
    Tis true. And yanno, fame comes with ALLLLL sorts of haters *hair flick* lmaooo.
    Awww ohmigosh I love that song thoooo!! Ah no one could (or ever will :( )replace Robin! Will did a good job still. I love one of the songs in it tho, Speechless.
    Awwwww nooo you're so sweet! We'll always be each other no. 1 fans! (forget family, pffffffft. Oh also, you know how it's like a stereotype that french people say "pffffft"? WELL IT'S NOT! I was talking to a french person online, and they literally typed "pfffft"! It cracked me upppppp lol)
    Ah lmao good :') Glad to know we have such a worthless thing in common....Also watching Dr Phil is highly entertaining.
    Ohmigoshhhhhhhh lmaooooo. She'd be better of cutting it into 8, then she could go halfsies with her bf! (isn't it ironic that boyfriend and best friend have the same abbreviations? also bug friend....hmmmmm......)
    I'm honestly not too fussy with my shoes actually :') I do love a good pair of vans tho! (and riding boots, who am I kidding?) But yes sandshoes are great lol.
    Haha it's not actually too hard! (I can actually never be bothered to chop up fruit lmao)
    Yeah, we usually make our own pizzas too, but sometimes we buy out when we're feeling lazy ;) OHMIGOSH I was playing this game (it was a brain game, so you have to figure out stuff), and one of the games was that it had two blank squares, and then another one of a girl puking. Then they had a bunch of pictures below and you had to make a combination that would make her sick. AND IT WAS PINEAPPLE AND PIZZA!!!! I got so mad tbh.....THEY SAID IT WAS A CRIME! I was dangerously close to uninstalling the game.....
    Yes, if there is a flower I must *sniff sniff*
    oh my gosh I'm cracking up
    *conveniently, there is a small picnic lain in a clearing*
    *I know him softly blares out of an oldschool radio*
    *lots of tea, crumpets, jam and butter and all fancy british food decorate the tablecloth*
    oooo fAncY

    11 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    the squirrel pfp is hilarious XD

    11 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: (dw I'll respond to your other comment soon hehe) Ahhh nuuuu I'm sorry Elliiieee!! But tbh, you kinda gotta expect that from my writing! (I thought I had taught you with a lesson with dangers from the deep....apparently NOT. *shakes head*)
    *cough* Anyway, yea sorry 'bout that lmao

    11 months ago
  • Khadeejah bint Malik

    Oooh this is so powerful !! The way people tell us girls what to do or what to wear. I love your writings <3
    Re: thanks! have a nice day!

    11 months ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Re: Eee, thank you so much!! You always write the best reviews.
    Haha, yeah, time is not often something I have a lot of, but this summer I've had more than usual, and I don't know what to do with it! hehe.
    Ooooh, I'd love to see it if you do enter flash fiction.
    No, I've never heard of iced gems... is that a UK thing? They sound amazing though!(and once again, our conversation has veered into the realm of food. hehe)
    You as well!

    11 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Hello! I'm sorry it took so long, but I've finally published Chapter 5 of Dangers from the Deep! Enjoy!

    11 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Awww thanks bestie <33333 Yep haha. Also one of the stupid things was they were trashing me about being homeschooled, when they are literally being homeschooled, cause we're in lockdown :')
    Aha yessss I write so much :')
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww right back atcha! Literally, I'm so glad for friends like you <33333 (my mind instantly hits play on friend like me)
    Awwww you're too much!! Yeah I wasn't too sure who I wanted, but then I thought of how much I adored reading Laura's books of her life, and thought, why not her?
    Mmm that would make life much easier. Ha tho I saw this video about this super dumb girl (one of my weaknesses....i love watching karens and dumb people lol) and she said the whole world should just stop speaking their languages and speak.....Americanish....omg she was so weird lol.
    Yayyyyyy! Finally we say something the same!! Yessss I say oreGAHno! OrEGano sounds so weird!! Wait lemme think of another one.........damnit i can't think of one!!
    Ah good. Well it's 8:30 and I still haven't eaten brekky, so after I comment, I'll go consume some food (preferably avocado toast).
    Ooooo sounds good!! I got pizza on friday, but they gave us the wrong pizza so now I get another one for free! I love it when they mess up your order and just give you more food :')
    omg the cuteness is literally too much!
    *takes the daisy*
    *holds it to his nose*
    *sniff sniff*
    *puts it in buttonhole*
    *smiles back*
    *holds out his hand*

    11 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Awww I love this!!
    Re: Thank youuuuuuuu!

    11 months ago
  • A. Penderwick

    This was such a good topic to pick for this prompt.
    And yay, we love feminist poems!

    11 months ago
  • ava_grace

    So true...

    11 months ago