The Elephant In The Room


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I lost your picture

July 29, 2021

You were right to leave.
I remember your rough hand so softly against my cheek.
Bending over on your tip toes.
Saying you'd be in touch ,only to never be seen again

You were the loud whisper in my ear.
Whistling deep as caramel.
That all the disasters are fine.
That the night isn't always bleak

You were crushing hope.
You reminded me that I too.
Can have your fiery golden chestnut hair.
If ill stop caring too much, and will know the precise amount of shampoo.

You were real.
As real as a fairytale and science.
and the pain was real.
When you grabbed your enormous suitcase.
That somehow didn't have enough room for me.


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  • kealoha

    this is gorgeous! the descriptions rlly are lovely, I love the line "whistling deep as caramel"

    3 months ago