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"The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself. I will keep the law given by God...there I plant my foot" - Jane Eyre

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July 27, 2021


Desperation seeds the world
Like scattered wildflowers
Ready to bite
At your eyes with bright, bold blues and reds

It decorates the world
Like dark stars in a blinding bright sky
Like paintball smudges on a beige creamy wall
Stark and brash like bright hues on rotting flower beds

The world is creamy, soft and seamless
Like cotton sheets
But desperation is like spice
Red and popping at the back of your eyes
Pins and needles prickling your legs like thorns
Hooked barbs that pull close at your skin
Saying "follow me" or I'll make you bleed
They do not whisper
Their chorus of voices is sharp and sneering
Like the incessant cries of a class full of kids

"Follow me and I'll make your leaden limbs into gold"
So you scramble through the undergrowth
Bowling your way through soft wheat 
Like a slavering predator pounding the earth
Until the air thickens
And you are left gasping
Covered in thick viscous liquid like cream
That drags you down, spluttering and gaging,
Drags you down to the moist earth
One side of your face lies against it
As your strength is sapped 
Your tears
And the trees
Lap them up for fertiliser
You see a sapling sprout it's head
It will use your corpse for fertiliser
The thorns clinging you to the ground
Weighing you down like paperweights pressed on the back of your neck

But the thorns tug and you start to bleed
White thick cream mixing with runny red blood
You scream like a bird singing
And stagger on

"Follow me and I'll turn your leaden limbs to gold"
So you limp 
Hunger in your eyes like some brutal display of what you shouldn't be
You don't care
"TAKE ME BACK" you screech into the air
Like a sly, small fox caught in a trap
You look to the end of the hazy rainbow
That lays across your eyes like a mirage in the heat
Saying "follow me"

It looks like a waterfall
Where the sky turns on a cloud
And cascades down to your feat to kneel at your feet
You lap at it like cream
You do not know whether it is dry and rancid or luscious and smooth
You don't care

It fills your veins
Your heart pumping it unwillingly around
The thought fills your head until it is singular
All you can hear
The birds no longer sing, they just say:
"Follow me and I'll turn your leaden limbs to gold"

Desperation inspires extremes
Both brilliance that touches the sky
And murder that makes the dirt run with runny wet blood
It calls out the soul of humanity
And brings people in their droves
Like ants drinking at the blood of plump peaches


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  • Stone of Jade

    oh my WORD! your writing is outstanding. the repeating of "follow me" is absolutely perfect. and each personification of the animals and even reversed to the "you" compared behaviors of a fox, etc fits so well. it really helps the piece move along with such vivid imagery. wow.

    2 months ago
  • encapsulated_emotions

    this is just amazing

    2 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    "Like dark stars in a blinding bright sky"
    You just took that simile and turned it inside out and I am obsessed.
    "Like paintball smudges on a beige creamy wall"
    I know I just quoted the line right before this but this one is so simple yet unexpected.
    "Follow me and I'll turn your leaden limbs to gold"
    I adore how you repeat that powerful line.
    "Weighing you down like paperweights pressed on the back of your neck"
    One example of the contradiction that just floor me.
    "You scream like a bird singing"
    "It looks like a waterfall
    Where the sky turns on a cloud
    I can see that in the way that you see a feeling and no I will not be decoding that awkward explanation because I don't understand it either.
    "Like ants drinking at the blood of plump peaches"
    OKAY that ending did not have to hit so hard BUT IT DID.

    2 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    SAM HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD WHATTTTT. I literally jsut finished reading the glorious contradictions in chrysanthemums&ink's piece sorrow blue and then God was like "BAM have another one!" This is so incredible how?!

    2 months ago
  • ~rain~

    omgoshhhh wow, this is just... i don't have any words. this is amazing. incredible.

    2 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    this entire poem is just... ohmygods. stunning. incredible.

    2 months ago
  • Renegade_Writer [ChildOfGod]

    Wow! Not gonna lie, I read this originally bc of the paintball reference! I LOVE PAINTBALL!!!! But wow, this poem was STUNNING!!!!!!!

    2 months ago
  • Mena

    Blew me away

    2 months ago
  • pidgin

    this is so good! i really don't have the words to describe how much I like this...

    2 months ago