Hello, I am 16 years old teen with huge love for art and writing. My wish is to publish my book someday in the future. I also want to be an artist and philosopher, because I love thinking and I always draw (I have this healthy addiction).

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I am happy that my interest both, in writing and drawing, is fantasy. I love creating something new, especially different fantasy species/biomes, and the most fun process in this - developing characters. This is my field, my bastion, and I love it.
Free writing is the thing I love the most, everyone can express themselves, and become "masters of word" - describe their feelings with words.
And here is little part of my philosophy - every human is egoist, no matter what. This is my opinion, made from observation of reality, and I don't like it.
I hope that mankind will start to think more, think deeper, less about themselves. Only hope won't bring everything, but our actions can. Writer's weapon can.
Writer's word can change the world.

The Thankful Tree

July 25, 2021


The seed of knowledge,
Without the foliage,
Tiny, unseen, awaits for courage,
To face the world, big and vast,
Needs little help and fast.
Time stands not, it will rush,
You can avoid it not, you will crush,
Escape we can achieve not,
We are the tiny time knot,
Immovable one dot.
The sapling grew,
Its leaves in view,
Long stand your little crew,
O’ Branches, O’ your Roots,
We shall hear your wise words!
The seed was sapling in one week,
With help of knowing sky and earth,
The mighty wind has freed from fear,
The mountains great have shown their peaks,
The world has helped it break the creeks!
The great tree has stood in might,
We have achieved it without fright,
Its branches like crown on head of knight,
Yggdrasil will see the moon tonight!
Its shadow sparkling on the grass of fields,
Its roots bigger than the pass of creeks,
Its leaves playful in the caring wind,
King of Birds nesting in its arms,
The King of snakes calling his bards,
“Write Tree the song, worthy of Cliffs,
Worthy of Ocean riffs,
Worthy of those mountain peaks,
Make everyone proud, let it be crowned!”
Bards have written Tree the song,
Praising the earth, the sky unwrong,
Praising the mountain peaks unmoved,
Telling the story of mighty wind,
Bringer of the King Bird.
They have written the name of Tree,
Thanking it for growing high,
Immovable, unshy,
Mighty, crowned one kind.
But Tree has moved its leaves,
To match the wind,
The Sky, the Earth, the Peaks,
They have made tree grow,
Put the crown above its brow.
Thankful is the Kingly Tree,
For care, for kindness from thee,
Mentors, Friends and Others,
You have made it grow,
Outmatch its every foe,
We are thankful, without woe,
Never will we forget your Loe!
Last meeting of BTL: Peace and writing experience
This poem is dedicated for mentors, program assistants, and everyone who has been part of BTL 2021
By Kukava Elizaveta a.k.a. Hiffy Keeper


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