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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

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please tell me your thoughts on this piece!
also notice how i keep getting distracted and then he just disappears
green eyed boy, if you're out there i need to know- did you already have a bottle of water in your bag?? why get it at m&s and not somewhere cheaper?? i have questions.

boy at M&S

July 24, 2021


your green eyes were bright
the mask complimented your face
i wonder if you had brace straight teeth,
like me?
i wonder if you smiled back at me
the corners of your mouth pulled up
your teeth touching the fabric of your cloth mask
your eyes crinkling just a little bit
like a toddler chuckling at his own glistening spit

i had just had a bad day
a series of undesirable experiences
i was staring at the cheesecake
“this looks nice but it’s too overpriced,
i should’ve gone to-”

your arm shot out from another aisle
and your body followed
you wore a grey backpack, battered zips
and your hand grabbed a water bottle
you didn’t read the label or check the price

i hesitated and thought this once, twice:
“what if he has water in his bag, and has forgotten?
maybe he’s buying it for a friend
maybe he’s walking home
maybe his house it at the bottom of the road
like mine, near a dead end”

you left my eyeline
i followed you to the biscuit aisle
my feet thought for themselves
my brain was blank and i grabbed a packet
of something with coconut flakes

i don’t like coconut flakes
but i analysed the plastic packaging
held it up to the bright supermarket lights
and once again, you were out of my sight.


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