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Life, Existence, Reality

July 24, 2021


Life, Existence and Reality
Are such deceptive words
They sound regal, monumental, infinite

Whereas actually they are all like an oil painting
With the whole being made up
Of innumerable tiny insignificant specs of paint

The words are something important, indefinable
Whereas what they define are made up of smallness

Tiny flecks of happenstance
Like pouring a bowl of cereal
To find there's no milk
And going out to buy milk
And taking three hours
Because you got side-tracked talking 
On a visit to your grandmother's

Or like thinking it's warm outside
When its not
So you went out without a jacket
And now you're shivering 

Or like hearing a song on the radio
And desperately trying to fix it in your head
And then you forget the title

Or like sitting in school 
In a scratchy uncomfortable chair
Watching your watch and
Hoping homework won't be forthcoming

Or like talking to your 5-year old cousin
About playing hide and seek
And about playing eye-spy
But they haven't learnt it properly yet
So instead of letters they use colours

Life is not the massive shouting things
But the small flecks of nothingness
Too little to think about
Or write about
But the infinite multitude of "nothings" that fill up the day like an hourglass
Is, I suppose, the definition of life and existance and reality
Not very poetic haha - don't judge this poem too harshly if you read it, it's not intended to be insightful or well-constructed or anything 


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  • Stone of Jade

    what on earth are you talking about?!--this is gorgeously poetic! that first stanza drew me in immediately.

    and then this last line:
    /But the infinite multitude of "nothings" that fill up the day like an hourglass
    Is, I suppose, the definition of life and existence and reality/
    ^^PERFECT! it wraps up the piece so beautifully

    2 months ago
  • spidygurl

    Re- Awee thank you so mmuch, this means a lot!! Have a nice day/night

    2 months ago