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Au revoir!!

August 18, 2021


In the last carriage, I find a boy sitting alone and gazing out the window. We both say nothing and watch the last few trains pull away from the station.

'You can't outrun death,' I think to myself.

Outside, the sky is falling. Meteorites glare white, still burning up in what's left of Earth's atmosphere, before hitting the ocean and sinking into its depths. Trails of pearly dust are left behind in their wake. The boy's face is illuminated by flashes of dying stars and spinning pulsars. 

All these years of living, of synapses firing away and guiding my consciousness down innumerable streams, yet never once did I imagine I'd watch the end of the universe.

For the more pedantic: what I'm bearing witness to is closer to a transition between epochs than a definitive end to existence. Looking up at the fractured sky, I can just make out the silvery halos of new universes about to be born (time works strangely when the fundamental forces of nature are in disarray).

The sun sets for the final time on a dying galaxy. Strands of clouds, made up from the remaining gases in the atmosphere, are illuminated by its rays and streak the sky like veins of gold ichor. The Gods are dying, too.

The doors close. The train begins moving away in silence, speeding towards the apocalypse instead of away from it. The boy continues to keep his gaze on the ruined world outside----civilisation reduced to ashes and left glowing under the rays of our waning sun.
Have you seen that one scene in 'Loki' where they're stranded on Lamentis-1? that entire episode was ART.


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