Emotional Support Cats

July 22, 2021


Emotional support animals come in all sizes
From fluffy dog to furry feline
Cats have always been my favorite
ever since I was a little baby.

I grew up with two cats
Cleo and Frenchie
Both of which meant the world to me
years would pass and they both got ill at the drop of a hat

Cleo got cancer
while Frenchie ran away after getting ill
I missed how Frenchie was a little dancer
and Cleo's meows were little Trills 

They got me through the good and the bad
but deep down I know it was their time.

Seven years later, I live on my own
In a small apartment with two people I know
Rebecca is the sweetest person I know
Her boyfriend Nick is my video game buddy
Together, with their three cats, all of us are happy.

Two months ago I was thinking
Cats have always brought me happiness 
So I saw this ad while I was sinking
"Kittens for sale" was what was written

$700 and four weeks later 
I received an 8-year-old kitten
I named him "Tag" for his energy
and immediately after meeting him, I was smitten.

He enjoys sitting and cuddling with me
and playing with his toys is his favorite hobby
He learns from my friends' cats how to play
and he is so loving every day.

My first pet alone is a small white kitten
Siamese & Tabby is the type he is 
His blue little eyes gaze in wonder
and we will take on the world together.


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  • HighEntropy

    Aww i like the lighthearted rhyme scheme! Welcome to WtW!

    about 2 months ago