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Does this sound like the interesting start to a story? Should I continue? What do you think of the split narration?

North Windsor Middle Madness

May 19, 2015




Luna 's Pov

God I cant believe this ... making me go to a summer program to a school I don't even want to go to. Well another new school here I come.

"Here is your new school, Ill pick you up latter when I'm done with work" my dad says.

"Sure, Dad" I say giving him a small smile like it is no big deal. I climb out of the car and take a deep breath. Well here goes nothing . I walk up to the school as slowly as I can- I'm not in a rush to go anywhere. I walk up to the front desk, where two bored looking ladies are gossiping about something. I wait to be noticed. Five minuets pass and I'm not getting anywhere.

Plastering a fake smile on my face I said "excuse me" in the sweetest voice I can manage at the time.

"What do you want?" one of the ladies asks

Well then...I hope everyone is like this (note the sarcasm)

"Umm I'm new here, and I don't know where to go......."

"Go up stairs to the third floor and go to the first math room with a teacher with glasses on"

"Okay, thank you" Well wasn't that helpful I mean seriously? How am I suppose to even get upstairs and then go through every single room there? Perfect just perfect.



FEW DAYS LATER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


"Hi Jess" Jessica is what seems like the only normal person at this school and she seems like she really wants to be my friend. She is a lot like Margot, my best friend from my old school, but Jess seems more hyper.

"Hey Luna" she replies rather stunned.... I usually just nod my head in response to her, so this was a first.

"This going to sound really weird- but the teachers want me to fallow you around because they don't have schedule for me" I say unsure of how she will react.

"So the teachers want you to stalk me?" she asks sounding rather dumbfounded

"I guess" I answer

A few moments pass and then we both start laughing our heads off. Other kids turn to look. shoot! I better stop. These idiots are now staring at us like there something wrong with us.


This was how I met Jessica. North Windsor Middle's fate was sealed. They are in for a few unbelievable years. And its all because the teachers told me to stalk my new best friend.



Jessica's Pov

Oh my god. I'm on the wrong bus. I'm on the wrong bus. IM ON THE WRONG BUS!!! I cannot believe I got on the wrong bus again. Am I going to do this on the first day at this school every time?

"Lizzy, Are we on the right bus?"

"Um, I think so... I don't know"

Another girl approaches the bus and asks "Is this bus for Terrifville Summer Academy?"

The bus driver replies with a nod of the head. What the hell? She told me this was for North Windsor Summer School!!! Is she even listening to us!!??


Lizzy goes up to the bus driver and makes her show her the sheets. This bus is for North Windsor. The other girl exits. We start heading towards our school in peace. Ish.

When we arrive at the school we are herded into the lecture hall and shown a presentation giving us all the information we need for summer school and our schedules. I go to my firs room on the third floor and our work begins. About ten minuets later another girl shows up. Wow. Way to arrive late on the first day. Your sure off to a great start.



The late girl comes in late again and sits right next to me. Why me? Seriously? Well I have no other friends. I might as well make the best of it.

"HI!! I'm Jessica! Im coming here to be a teacher! I was here last year too. Im going into seventh grade. What about you?"

"I'm Luna and Yeah me too" She kinda ducks her head when she talks. And bends her knees a bit. Thats so wierd. I guess shes just shy.

"Okay, do you want to play mancala with me?" She seems indiffrent but I soon learn shes really good at this game. But she literally plays by diffrent rules. NOT. COOL.



Luna shows up late again. That's okay though. Its kinda becoming her trademark. At least shes not boring like the rest of the people at this school.

"Hi Jess" Woah. She talked first. I guess the shy thing is starting to wear off.

"Hi Luna"

"This is going to sound really weird but the teachers want me to fallow you around because they don't have schedule for me" Uhhhhh....

"So the teachers want you to stalk me?"

"I guess"

As weird as it was- it was hilarious. I couldn't help but break out into laughter. Luna followed suit. A bunch of kids turned to look at us to see what we were doing. Oh you want to stare at me? I'll give you something to stare at. I head for the playscape at our preschool and climb up onto the roof over the swirly slide and sit right on top of it. Ha. Lets see you do this. You'll all fall if you try.

This is how Luna and I met. North Windsor Middle was finally interesting. And I have a new best friend.



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