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and you don't even know it

July 22, 2021

You're lucky, you know. 

You know what it feels like to be stowed away in someone else's heart. Yet you don't even know it. And it's not like you'd even care to realise. 

You've got everything. A cluster of friends, an aura that commands respect, a smile that turns heads. And yet you don't even notice the way she stares at you, or how she carefully picks her words to make you laugh. You lie in bed, unaware that she's thinking of you - yearning for an acknowledgment, approval, maybe even some love in return. And would you care? 

You'd be flattered for a bit, then a little disturbed. "So she's been... watching me for all these months?" you would whisper to your friends. They would probably steer clear of her for a bit. Just so they weren't the 'next victim'. And she would cry. She would sob and sob and sob if you realised - outed, disrespected, hated by the one she had pined over. And so she would tell herself it wasn't really love. It was one sided, so it wasn't, really, was it? But you and her, you would both know it was something real. Even if you'd ignored it. It was real. It was there. It was strong.

You're lucky. Because someone thinks you are worth more than the world. Every step she takes, it painfully reminds her of you. You. You. You're there, in her mind, in everything she does. And would you even give her a second thought?
Honestly this is a bit trash. I have no idea what I'm doing, and I think half of this doesn't make any sense. But you can have it anyway. 


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