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Honeysuckle Blossoms

By: MustardViolet

PROMPT: Unnamed

This color is used in simple things.
It's what hangs about our heads every hour of daylight.
It pops out, in a vivid stroke, against the fiery red and orange during a sunset. 
The bright petals that clash against the deep brown of a sunflower.
What the neighbors would murmur as "quite ugly" as a house's walls were splashed in this loud color on a house's walls.
It comes from your standard Post-It to the boomerang shaped fruit called a banana. 
It symbolizes wealth, in a solid and geometrical form. 

This is the cheeriest of the colors. But it can also be quite the opposite. 

It could also be the reason why you received all those comments from your childhood. The reason for being who you are, for being this color from the tips of your fingers and down to your toes. 
This color was, along with many others, a victim to the negative light the world of different colors has put it under.

But everyone should know, that all these colors, share the rainbow.


Peer Review

It moves from a description of the 'simple' things yellow is associated with to the complexity of societal labels in a really clever, moving way.

This is definitely yellow! Good job describing it.

Reviewer Comments

I really love the imagery here, and the title that you use for this description (though I would recommend a spell check-the s, not o, is double). I love how you also talked about how this color can be used to hurt others as well. Just work on having a really clear flow of ideas within sentences.