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November 27, 2016

PROMPT: Why I Write

I write to begin a meaning for myself, to make some sort of worth to this being.
Writing is the stage where I dream to be able to perform day by day without the stress and with the passion.
    However, not all stages function as fluid as they are hoped to be.
Most days, I don't even rehearse. The lights hang low, as the curtains droop to the stage. All human activity has quieted into nothing else than silence.
    I peek through the dusty window into the theater, and I see no audience, no energy, no life nor joy. Although the damp atmosphere is heavy, there are days where a glimmer of passion and hope appears.
Just one, or two, rays of light shining through a skylight above, setting a natural spotlight up on stage.
It beckons me, whispering in the back of my head, to come and join it. Pushing through the rusted doors and feel the warmth of it. 
To be the one under the light, and perform.
That is the hope that I cling onto for writing.
That is why I write.   


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