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Beautiful Lines I’ve Come up With but don’t know where to put them-

July 21, 2021


These are just lines I’ve written for a story like “Talk to Me” and another story I’m working on but I’m not sure where to put them-

1) “There are maidens who need to be rescued… but I am not one of them.”

This sentence comes from a story I’m working on that does not have a name yet. It’s based in I guess medieval times? It’s a fantasy story and the character who said this was Lior. Lior is a servant girl who has caught the eyes of the prince, and a sorcerers apprentice- both of which are her friends- the prince is super cocky and she explained to him that she didn’t need/want him. (It may sound cringey but this story has been a work in progress for years now ;w;)

2) “I’m not shy, I just don’t feel the need to talk to you.”

This sentence was said by Lyric from “Talk to Me”. Lyric would honestly say this to anybody XD

3) “She deserves the world… I just wish I could help her see it….”

This was said by Cassian from my other story! He’s a sorcerers apprentice who yes, has a crush on Lior- he most likely says this one night speaking with his teacher (an actual sorcerer).

4) “Whether you couldn’t talk, couldn’t see, couldn’t walk, or had a missing limb, or even if you were just all out WEIRD- I would still feel the same way…”

This is said by Oliver from “Talk to Me”. He would say this later on when Lyric is doubting their friendship.

5) “I WILL become a knight! Even though I’m small and weak I know I can do it!”

This is from my other story- (again) and it’s said by Karl. His dream is to become a knight like his mom. His father or someone else may doubt him- and I just realized it sounds very similar to Deku in My Hero- ……………………. LETS MOVE ON SHALL WE??? :D

6) “I don’t try to come off as the ‘mean popular girl’ type… I’m just afraid… I’m afraid that if I reveal who I truly am… I’ll lose all respect… and that’s something I can’t lose.”

This is also from “Talk to Me”. Evelyn says this to Oliver or Lyric. I’m not sure when this could happen but it would definitely happen later. She’d finally be opening up and apologizing for her actions. Actually now that I think about it she’s probably talking to Lyric-

7) “No matter how much I lose I will get back up again…”

This is from my other story and the person who says this is a villain (rather, she’s a villain at first-). Her name is Mara and she’s always trying to prove herself, well she used to, now she just doesn’t care.

8) “Oliver!”

Yes this is said by Lyric and though it’s very simple, it’s going to be everything. I can’t say what happened because I’m sure I know when this will happen and I don’t want to spoil it ;)

9) “If you aren’t upset, then why do you seem so sad?”

This is from my other story and it’s said by the Prince, Prince Theodore. He could be talking to literally anybody-

10) “SHUT UP. JUST- stop…”

Oliver from “Talk to Me” probably protecting Lyric-

Thats all! (For now) if u want more let me know! :D
Yeah so- um- yeah- let me know what you thought! Also please suggest anymore “If I was in [insert Idea]” because those are very fun to write XD 
have a nice day my friends! :)


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  • Elodie Hart

    This is so amazing! I especially love the line, "I'm not shy, I just don't feel the need to talk to you." And based off your bio i saw u like loki. And omg i love that series too.

    about 3 hours ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    Okay, London. I love these so much, you're becoming such an amazing writer! (Hahahaaaa, I haven't worked on my novel in forever . . . . Ooops.)

    about 4 hours ago
  • sci-Fi

    ughhhhh ok love this bc i have an entire notes doc purely for writing down little quips i think of at 4 am and want to use in a story one day
    i loved Talk To Me!!! havent read in a while tho. is there a new chapter out??

    2 days ago