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Dear pillow

By: spidygurl


Dear pillow, 
Keeper of my secrets,
Keeper of my feelings, 
My companion in the dark.

Dear pillow,
Fragments of me,
Are rested within you,
Safe, within your soft cotton.

Safe from the world,
Hidden in your cover,
Are the pieces of my soul
All the tears I cant help but shed.

Dear pillow, 
The comforter of my head, my thoughts,
You see my dreams,
You see my pain.

You see my dark side,
You see me break, shatter,
Yet you never leave, 
Yet you're there by my side every night.

Dear pillow,
You know my flaws, my fears, 
Yet you never judge, never betray,
Why aren't humans like you?

Just an ode to my pillow. After all, it is the one(and only)thing that i can... confide in?

Message to Readers

"Yeah, Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go ,uh?

Peer Review

I enjoyed the personification of the pillow this poem! It was interesting to read a piece that, rather than addressing a person, talked directly to an inanimate object. The repetition and italicized words also stood out to me, because they added to the overall meaning by emphasizing the parts of you that you like to hide away and only show your pillow.

Although it was creative of you to end the poem with a question to leave the readers thinking, the question did not seem to tie in with the overall poem. The previous stanzas only were about the pillow, and did not have any mention of humans, so the question seemed out of place. Maybe in the previous lines where you appreciate what the pillow does for you, you could add in a few comparisons of how humans fail to do that, so the question at the end would fit.

Reviewer Comments

This was a really creative idea! I was entertained by reading this, and related to most of it