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Olympics in the COVID World

July 19, 2021

PROMPT: The Footnote

Covid put many events on hold last year, and one such event shook the sports world. To the dismay and horror of thousands of optimistic athletes, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were cancelled[1], sending a shock wave through the sports community. To the relief of all the competing athletes, the Olympics were put off for just another year, and were to go through in the Summer of 2021, still in Tokyo, Japan.

But the Olympics are going to play out differently this year. Instead of tens of thousands of spectators filling the stadiums, the hard plastic seats will remain empty this year. That’s right, the world-wide streamed event will no longer have any in-person viewers[2]. Last year, the 2016 Rio Olympics had over 3 billion online viewers, and we can expect that number to grow even more this year. Even though the event will be so different this year, we must commend the Olympians for competing, despite this difficult time.
[1] Hearing this, many athletes panicked, wondering if they would have to train for another 4 years before the Olympics came around again. Would the Olympics be cancelled, or simply postponed? Luckily for all the competitors, it was announced that the Tokyo Olympics would simply be put off to 2021. Still, the athletes had to train for an extra year, which messed up their schedule.
[2] Japan’s Olympic Minister, Tamayo Marukawa said, “We reached an agreement on no spectators at venues in Tokyo.” It was not an easy decision to make, and Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said that it was “regrettable” and added an apology to the spectators who had bought tickets.


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  • July 19, 2021 - 7:47pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: <3 I live by this quote by Nightbirde: "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy." Well here I am. Life is really hard, but I'll be darned if I only ever see the negative things.

    6 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thank you for your prayers and concern. And oh yeah that was nothing. I was just having trouble breathing and it was apparently caused by a severe UTI. Got some antibiotics and took em for a week. I'm good now.

    6 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: You're welcome. ^u^ (Um... yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. Several things went wrong, but lots of things went well, and I definitely still had a good time. Thanks for asking.)

    6 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Hey Ruth! Happy belated birthday! I was at camp on the 20th so I couldn't wish you well on your actual birthday, sorry about that.

    6 days ago
  • barelybear

    Re: hehe good luck to us both!
    I think at this point you’re do far lindoctrinated that it’s some weird linstinct :D :D

    Awh well I reckon Australian winter and British Autumn are two excellent times of the year to have a birthday! The perfect temperatures c:

    Yess!! A plan then!
    Goodness me Ruth this is just -
    *head in hands*
    Let’s just move on from this. Nobody can be perfect *sigh*

    Ahh another reason why I have to visit Australia!! Our beaches are kind of little kid who just got 9/10 on a spelling test level of achievement — sweet, and nice to see there was some effort, but in the grand scheme of things, you could do better.
    Wait that PERFECT! If I went, it would be in the summer holidays, which is your winter, which is when it’s not so crowded on the beaches. It’s still warm in the winter, right??

    Hehe yayy!
    Ooh.. might give that one a pass... I’m trying to be more adventurous - last night I made mine with Brie and grapes on a little section, and was pleasantly surprised!

    Oh that’s cool! I really like most vegetables - it’s aubergine and mushrooms that really get me because of the texture ;w;
    Ah the real key to my heart is sweet and sour sauce (obviously with the leftover pineapple from that pizza). Mannnn it’s incredible!! And I’ll have it with chicken, or quorn, and I’d go for tofu or maybe even the dreaded mushroom...

    Summer is cool, but I wouldn’t want it to be stranded in the long summer holiday. Aw dw I’m usually safe here from temperatures above 30 — it was just a one-off heatwave (I hope lol). I’m proud to have never seen 40 :D

    Haha I have a cup now!
    These redcoats don’t want it with me *bruh I’m a fighter face*

    6 days ago
  • barelybear

    Re: oh deaaarrr :D
    I think I’m gonna feel like less of a pumpkin, and more of a squishy melon by the time I’m through with my first lesson ahhhh
    Lolll of course you go back to the pop references!! :D
    Hehe that’s cool - all the best people have birthdays in October uwu (*cough* Minerva McGonnogal)

    HAHA we definitely have to go to Old South Wales then :D
    EEEEEEEE omg a trip round all of our cities would be awesome!! I’m gonna encourage my brother to do his year abroad in uni (it’ll be 2024 *sigh*) in Australia so I have just cause to visit muahaha
    And France would be the dream with youuuuu
    Sorry - uh - then how do you say croissant??? I’m very scared...

    In the end it got too complicated because we’re all in different years so it’d be hard to come back (as if that would be a problem haha). But I’ve looked into Sydney uni, and there was this sassy Australian webpage like:
    “Do you really want to study here?”
    Picture of snow and grey buildings
    “Where the pressure is almost higher than the fees?”
    “Or here...”
    Picture of beach and blue sky
    “Where you can just skip that lecture and go surfing?” Lmaooo I want it so badly!!

    Tofu mousse!? How do they come up with these things? I’ve gotta try it now though, and the bean brownies!!! Hehe I’m more of a classic fake adventurer, going for the surprisingly-common-now-actually beetroot chocolate cake. Yes I love how the new ingredients help the texture, like the gluten free brownies c:

    Ah yes, also the less widely-used acronym for green frog. (Frogs are so hard to pick books for - always have reddit c:)

    Ahh well if you’re having a cheesecake, you’ve gotta give in and have a proper cheesecake!! It’s super impressive that you’re a vegan for that long! Omg I once had a vegan pizza sharing with my friends, and nobody wanted to swap a piece of theirs with mine, because it was covered in (*gasp*) vegetables. But haha it was pretty nice, though I was really eyeing up the Hawaiian next to me PINEAPPLE FAN AND PROUD

    Ah, clearly you have been raised well :))
    Legit my favourite thingsssssss
    Oooohhhhh I forgot that you have summer and winter the other way around!! Yep, pretty much the peak of summer at the moment. Ahh so you’re a winter baby! I suppose that’s not too bad in Australia, but in the UK it means no ice cream cakes hah. I had to persuade my brother to have one all the time because he’s August.

    Flying spaghetti!! That’s hot! (I’m trying out new excaimations loll)
    I think 40 is my limit, for sure. Like, that’s hotter than body temperature D’’X
    Yes, the heatwave is just about over now though, so we’ll be back to rain in no time. I’ve had to stop drinking tea for a few days now, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do!
    Have fun!!
    Ellie <3

    8 days ago
  • Stone of Jade

    THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR NOMINATING ME!!! that was such a huge surprise! It meant so so much and ahhh i can't even rn!! the piece has become one i am really proud of and this just makes me love it more. thank youuu <3

    8 days ago
  • barelybear

    Re: hah why thank you <3
    Now I can tick off the bucket list “Making children cry” muahahahah — evil villain stage 1 complete!
    Flying sticks of celery that terrifies me too!! My mum’s gonna apply for my licence soon, because you can do it 2 months before your 17th. From my birthday onwards, I can start getting lessons (which, btw, is the fateful day of the 4th of October c;)

    Uh of course!!! Anthony will be singing and making us cry about all of his death scenes, and between tears we (us and Lin) will stuff our faces with brownies :D

    Yess!! Saanvi really wants to visit Wales, so yanno you guys could just hop on over (haha :’D) and I’ll wave from the back garden hehe. Seriously, India and Australia have gone straight to the top of the bucket list (I mean, now that I’ve ticked off evil villain goal stage 1). Hopefully we’ll be done with the pandemic soon, and trips abroad will be possible (agh I’ll have to work on my Mum letting us take a holiday somewhere far away though sksksk)

    Also, 2 years ago, my Dad got offered with his company to move to Australia for 2 years (so we’d be coming back now) and aghhhshsh we were so close!! Basically, we couldn’t because my sister would be in the middle of her GCSEs, and I would have no GCSEs. I was all like “Hey what if I just did video calls with my school back in the UK?) and my mum was like pfft they’d never do that. And then bam, Covid, video lessons, I practically did virtual GCSEs (tbh I probably wouldn’t have done very well if everything was online, but stillll). Anyways, we’re holding out hope that while I’m at uni, they’ll move down to Australia, and I’ll be forced to visit
    Rip that was long :’D

    YESS!! Of all the gluten free delicacies I have tried, brownies are clearly the Queen c: c:
    My mum made a gluten free chocolate cake with avocados once, and apart from the grainy texture from the flour, it was pretty cool!

    Haha yes! Going downtown, you get three in one, because you obviously have Vanessa, but you could also get Ant-Usnavi and Lin-Usnavi :D :D

    Awh, and I would totally hop on a plane and show up at your door with no warning :D I hope it went amazingly!!

    Ahaha I’m laughing so much because I can’t tell if that’s you saying you had cheesecake not cake, or making a joke about cheesy jokes (??) or is that some British stereotype (WAIT DO YOU NOT GET CHEESECAKE??)
    Okay now I’m realising that, being a vegan, you probably don’t :D
    I love cheesecakes!! Gotta say though, that with such hot weather, an ice cream cake seems more appropriate

    (Can’t just leave that one hanging - you leave ice cream to soften until you can stir it (usually vanilla) then basically layer or stir in A TON OF SWEETS of your choice, like crunchies and Mars bars and sauce and fruit, then you put it in a cake tin and let it freeze, then stick candles on top. YUM - might just be the little kid part of me hehe)

    Anyways, I’m gonna get back to dyingggg. It’s 31°c aghhhhhhh

    10 days ago
  • ~rain~

    re: yesss i love all of them!! i was so sad when 1d broke up :( they are seriously amazing. at least harry styles is still writing music, hes still really good.
    also thank you hopefully i get your review soon!

    10 days ago
  • barelybear

    Ooh I like how you went into the emotions and reactions in the footnotes, while staying mostly objective in the main body. Hehe slay that CAing!!
    Also I see on ur pfm it says 15 :D :D :D

    11 days ago
  • SunV

    Love how you tied it in to the Sports competition going on right now, intentional or not. Wonderful work Ruth!!

    12 days ago