July 19, 2021


Anxiety is only beautiful when you aren't a struggling actor waiting for an email from an agency that may never come
Not to say that anxiety is beautiful at all,
it's just less beautiful when you realize you have a choice between your dream job, and being a cam girl for the rest of your life.
It's difficult.
Have men objectify me as their dream girl because of a condition I cannot control
or voice in anime for the rest of my life.
I spent money on an acting school that I didn't have, and I am hellbent on not wasting it.
Sure big tits and a body that can't hold them up can make money.
But if I continue I'll never be truly happy.
My life is just starting and I can't read the future
but that only makes my mind blurrier. 
Surrounded by "what ifs" and "when"
Who knows if my success is just around the bend.
If I fail, I'll be the second failed actor in my family;
but unlike my brother, I won't just start a company.
I know the road ahead will be hard
but I won't be held back by my wounds or scars

With a light on my face, I say "I can do this"
It may be difficult, but I know what my goal is.


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  • ava_grace

    That's right, go get 'em, girl! I believe in you!

    3 months ago