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Cassandra Richman

The World in My View

May 14, 2014



I think there is many things that shouldn't be true throughout the world. And just in the United States or just in Indiana. Plus there are things that shouldn't be true also. One major thing I'm feeling that should be changed is the driving age, mostly because I've been waiting for October to come since February. I hate some of the expectations guys have for us girls. Those should defiantly be changed. They think we should have nice bodies, big boobs, and nice butts, all this plus being "hot." But i guess from their point of view, us girls have expectations that they don't like or can't seem to reach, so maybe just the great expectations we have on each sex needs to go. I wish cancer, and diabetes and death itself weren't true. We just lived on forever like vampires. Except for the whole blood sucking part. I wish I could eat as much as I wanted, and never gain a pound to stay in that nice 120 pounds range. I wish that movie and music stars weren't treated like royalty. They make millions for being famous. Everybody strives to become one of them. The stars act like their crap don't stink. Well news flash to them, I'm sure it does. I wish everyone was treated equal. I know that sounds cliché, but this has really been on my mind lately. Some people say there isn't discrimination, but there still is. With race, skin color, ethnicity, and who people like. Whether it's a male and a male. Female and a female. Or male and female. Now I'm not saying that I agree with same sex relationships, but I do t have a problem with them. A lot of people blow the whole situation out of proportions. Just let them be. Who cares, it's their life. They can't change who they are, we can't change it for them. I wish school didn't feel like prison and it wasn't all about getting good grades instead of learning. I wish money wasn't the root to all problems. You have to have money to get an education, if you don't have an education, you won't have money, if you don't have money, you are screwed. I wish I lived somewhere that was always warm, sunny and exciting instead boring cold state. I wish the whole world got along at least most of the time. I wish people were still classy like they were back in the 50's. A lot of girls are trying to be noticed by guys in trashy ways. I look around and see trashy people. Please have some self respect and stop trying to impress people in dirty, trashy ways. I mean I know we all live in different cultures and having different living standards and thing different ways, and that is a good thing, I'm. Not complaining about that. I just wish we all accepted each other.

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