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Benefits of Gymnastics

May 18, 2015

Sports are a growing interest in the United States, and have always been in the past. The one sport with a great growth is the sport of gymnastics. Young boys and girls have been frequestnly signing up for classes in this amazing sport.

 The sport of gymnastics is a very beneficial sport, it teaches kids hand eye corrdination, how to use your body and how tpo control themeselves and listen to directions. Therefore, this sport allows for young kids understand the,eselves and truly benefit from this sport. Even if a child were to join only for a short part of time they could benefit and use these benefits torward other sports.

If a child were to continue they could gain scholarship benefits if the child makes it to level 9 or 10 optionals. The child would be required to compete on all four events, this includes; floor, vault, bars and beam. On the floor it requires top tumbling and dance elements. On beam they are required to perform and show control. On bars they are to have release moves and a high level of difficulty. Then on vault they are to at least throw a layout.

Gymnastics is one of the most dangerous sports do to the wear and tear it does the body. It can be very dangerous and end any career you would wish for in athletics. However theyre in much benefor from this sport and allows kids to grow and live with always something new to learn. This sport pushes kids mentally and physically to become a more well devolped adult.


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