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This is a small draft and tribute to the victims and survivors of North American Residental schools. Bring the nuns, priests, and politicians to justice.


July 17, 2021


When one is a child
One is supposed to feel safe
within the walls, they were born into
but this is not always the case.

Sometimes it's mothers smoking
others it's daddy and his beer
but sometimes it neither parent
and they say "do not despair"

Sometimes we know them
other times we don't
Sometimes they say they're holy
they are, as much so as a goat

Sometimes hurting children is legal
as much as we dismay
but we all know something now that it's over
they will have to pay.

The government protects them
losing tax money to tithes 
vulgar is the man who says
"Mourning with you in this time"

Find the documentation
and make many arrests
put these takers of innocence of trial
and put them to the test

Murder is a crime
with no statute of limitations
it's crazy to think
that they say he has risen

If the Christian God exists
he denounces the church
that took away the innocence 
of those children first

Second, he turns to Noah,
tilts his head and says
"I know I said I wouldn't-
but let's flood the Christians again"

Not with rain or fire
for they cannot atone
for the spark they tried to extinguish
will grow and grow and grow

flood them with the guilt
and the blame and shame
put these nuns in prison bars
and make these priests feel pain.

You will not getaway
with the things you did
with the things you said
of you, we will get rid.

You will not cause harm again.



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