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Message from Writer

"It's alright, it's okay. You're not a monster just human and you made a few mistakes,"
-It's Alright by Mother Mother

"One page of the bible isn't worth a life,"
-The Village by Wrabel

"A hundred bad days makes a hundred good stories and a hundred good stories makes me interesting at parties,"
-100 Bad Days by AJR

"I thought you had me in prison this whole time, but I'm the one holding the key."
-Intro III by NF

"But there's a moment when you realize parents aren't superheroes or villains. They're painfully, unforgivably human. The question is can you forgive them for being human anyway?"
-Dry by Neal Shusterman

"If I wait 'til my tomorrow comes is the waiting all I've ever done?"
-Ben Platt

things i needed to hear so will share with you

July 17, 2021



you're not a failure for being yourself.
you don't owe to world perfection.
you can't be responsible for other people all the time.
you're just a kid.
you deserve peace and love just like anyone else.
you're real.
you can be whoever you need to be.
you are loved.
Riv's felt a little sad today, so I made a list of things he should hear, and everyone should hear. Have a great day, and take care of yourself <3


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  • July 17, 2021 - 5:15pm (Now Viewing)

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  • HighEntropy

    This is such an empowering and wholesome piece! Also, that funny feeling is on repeat on my speakers as well hehe

    13 days ago
  • Jasmin khawar

    This is really so sweet and caring <3
    Hope you're doing fine too Robin :)

    13 days ago
  • Villi V

    <3 all true

    16 days ago
  • mirkat

    thank u, i actually really needed to hear this. also sidenote, love pocket full of gold! <3

    17 days ago
  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    you are completely right, robin! how is everyone doing?

    17 days ago
  • NewPoet

    Thanks, this was just what I needed!

    18 days ago
  • Maya M

    Thank you, this made me feel great!

    18 days ago
  • Raven Elite

    aw thank you! you're loved too!

    18 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    i needed this, thanks robin

    18 days ago
  • ava_grace

    Very empowering affirmations!

    18 days ago