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Update 7/25/2021: So AE completely ignored me like all week at camp. And then I found out that he and his friends all bullied this one guy by calling him the f slur. AE and his good friend both gave their lives to Christ at camp, and his friend especially seems to be on fire for God, so I'm hoping that they'll soon start to reexamine the way they need to show love to others. But until then, I can't associate closely with any of them.
On a vaguely related note: As disloyal as it feels, I just want to move on from MB. My little infatuation with AE was a welcome distraction. Now I'm back to sitting in my pathetic heartbreak. At least I'm writing a cool song about it with my friend ig.

Original message board: Oh also he's like a year and 8 months younger than me which is really really weird. Like I'll be 17 in 2 months and he'll still have only been 15 for 4 months. (I think I did that math right? XD) So I'm gonna be a senior and he'll only be a sophomore. I mean he doesn't look 15, he looks 17-18, and he seems to be more thoughtful than lots of guys older than him (he risked getting in trouble for texting while doing school to make sure my stay at urgent care went well), but still.


July 25, 2021



They say life's too short
to hide away in your comfort zone, but
if we had three thousand years
on this planet,
I'd still choose to spend these moments
with you.
Hehehehehe I'm really starting to fall for AE already aren't I... I'm going to camp next week and he'll be there. Ig then I'll know for sure if I'm falling for him or an idealization of him. Seriously though can I for once be just friends with a guy without getting romantic feelings in there at some point?? *sigh*

July 16th, 2021


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  • Writing4Life

    Hang on, you were at urgent care? Are you alright?

    10 days ago
  • Renegade_Writer [ChildOfGod]

    Uh this is great. And feeling those footnotes, man.
    Awww thanks a bunch!!!

    10 days ago
  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    re: awww thx so much

    10 days ago
  • Starlitskies

    This is so sweet! I can totally see this in an Atticus poetry book or Rupi Kaur! Brilliant!

    16 days ago
  • happy butterfly

    replying: oooo its hard to keep up when everything is different okay anne lol

    18 days ago
  • happy butterfly

    replying: babababa oh. yeah i know its this new guy. but for some reason i thought you went to school together

    18 days ago
  • happy butterfly

    replying: ahhhhhh ANNE ANNE CALM DOWN AND LET ME THINK.
    okay i think just go with your gut.whatevs feels right.ya know? also thats so funnnnn youre going on a camp together. its like a movie.MAIN CHARACTER WHO?? okay but i don't understand, don't you guys go to the same school too?

    18 days ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Re: No problemo ^_^

    18 days ago
  • Written_In_Water

    Re: Yeah - that does make sense

    18 days ago
  • happy butterfly

    ahhhhhh i'm doing that freaking out thing when someones friends say they have a crush. ahhhhh.hdhdjdhd make close friends so quickly its annoying like what

    18 days ago
  • Written_In_Water

    ooo this is a really nice short piece haha and the footnotes - I started to like someone that I had known for years and then confirmed my feelings (in my own head) on a camping trip - so I think that is very very relatable haha. And yep - she was a year and 6 months younger, so I can relate to that bit as well haha (that's probably really weird but coz I never knew her in school and we were in the same group I never really though about her as a year whatever in school - idk I'm probably not making it sound any better). Getting back to my point tho - this was a very nice poem!

    18 days ago
  • tas (yellowbrickrd)

    this is sweet :)) the last sentence of the footnotes is so true like whyy!!

    18 days ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Re: thank you SO much!!!!
    This piece is so sweet!

    19 days ago
  • Raven Elite

    aw i love this!

    19 days ago
  • sophie_simile

    Such a small but mighty piece!! :)
    Also, I can relate to your footnotes *sighs*

    19 days ago