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the world shivered and sunk

July 14, 2021


fires fuelled by dustbin debris and politician flyers
people huddling in groups, breathing into their hands
skeletons forming teams, muttering about deathly plans

the world is shivering and she is haunted by the past
she hugs sheep wool around herself and cups her hands around a glass

the world is shivering from being grazed of grass
she overturns wooden boxes and finds a family heirloom made of brass

it is a locket; all romanticised objects are
she darns the holes in her shabby pockets
and decides to wish upon a star

"i am cold and my people have rejected me
i long to find and climb up the highest tree
like a child running away from an angry parent-
i wish to shrink in size and appear a peasant"

and so the long dead glimmers of her family
granted her that wish and under twinkling starlight
her magical powers fluttered from her body like a kite

she sunk into the damp earth which was toxic to her skin
a burning rash invaded her legs and she regretted everything.
my friend, written_in_water told me to "write a poem about the world shivering, because it's cold outside"


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  • July 14, 2021 - 8:15am (Now Viewing)

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  • HeyThereRose

    have a good day bro

    10 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh wow! This is so intriguing. Quite a refreshingly unique piece. The locket line is my favorite.

    18 days ago
  • HeyThereRose

    ahh love this

    18 days ago
  • Written_In_Water

    ooo this is so good!!! You took it in a different direction that what I thought about and it worked super well. I loved the end and the phrases "skeletons forming teams" and "it is a locket; all romanticised objects are" are so so nice haha

    18 days ago