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Freak Wave

July 16, 2021

Once upon a time there was a child. They loved to run around, exploring. They had a family, and they had friends. But one day, the child dreamt of them dying. The child was worried and scared about the dream, and they told their grandmother about it. She told the child that if they every had another dream like that, to tell her all about it.
The child didn't have a dream like it for a while. But one day, their family went to an island for a holiday. That night, the child dreamt of the sea rising and everyone near it drowning, including their family. The grandmother wasn't on the holiday with them, but when the child got back, they told her all about the dream.
The grandmother grew worried, and told the child that the dreams may have been sent by a god, or something in nature. She took the child camping near on old tree, and the child dreamt about the tree burning and dying and the ground becoming sand. They went to other places, and the child's dreams became more and more frequent. They were about the world heating up because of humans, people dying, the sea rising, the world dying.
The child and their grandmother went back home, and the child grew into a teenager. They still dreamt sometimes, but less often. One day, the child and their parents went back to the island. Their grandmother had passed away the year before. The child hadn't had any dreams for a long time, but that night, they had the same dream as they had when they last stayed at the island. They tried to tell their parents, but they told the child that they should be older than that. They told the child it was just a dream. 
The next night, an iceberg melted and crashed into the ocean in their dreams. The world heated up until the ice couldn't stay frozen. The child tried to tell their family about it, but again, they didn't believe them. They said that climate change didn't exist. The child dreamt of water crashing over their heads.
The next night, they drowned. Killed by a freak wave created by an iceberg.
This was going to be about climate change, not listening to dreams that grandmother says comes from a cosmic force, so if you have any ideas about how to make that clearer, please tell me. I don't think this is very fairy tale ish, so please let me know. Any feedback is great. 


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  • Written_In_Water

    This was a really good read and I think you executed the idea very well - not really a fairy tale but still very good haha

    2 months ago