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Words: A Powerful Gift

July 24, 2021



KABOOM! And the entire world as we know it ends, just like that. 

All because of one word.

Words. They're funny things. In writing, they're just a bunch of squiggles and lines on a piece of paper that we, somehow, manage to decipher; in speech, all they are are random sounds we make that happen to have meanings. But these seemingly insignificant components make up the most powerful tool you could ever have. Words.

Words have a big impact. They can make, or break, someone. They can even change the world! Words have power. That insult you threw at your classmate last week? You might have long forgotten about it, but it may still be churning in their minds, replaying over and over again, till they convince themselves you were right. They are dumb, useless and weird. But the thing is, theyre not. They never were. It is your words that make them feel that way.

On the other hand, words have the potential to build someone up or to make their day. Those three words that you finally built up the courage to say might make them feel the happiest they've been in a long time. Congratulating someone on a job well done can make them feel appreciated and that their efforts weren't in vain.

Now, let's go back to the beginning shall we? The world has just ended. But wait, let's press the rewind button and go back a few hours into the past. World War 3 is on the verge of breaking out, this time with nuclear weapons. Every army in the world is on stand-by, waiting for orders to strike. Now imagine, one brave person steps up and says something, knowing it could cost him his life but he tries anyway. He boradcasts it to the entire world. Everyone struggles to hear him at first, but soon it becomes apparent that all he's saying is one word.


Everyone looks at each other and you can practically see the thoughts running through their minds. Why not, they say. All WW3 was going to achieve was a destroyed world. And so, weapons are lowered, peace treaties are signed. All it took was one word, and one brave soul who was willing to say it. 

Words are a powerful gift. Use it wisely. Who knows, one day you might just change the world. 

"Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it."   - Albus Dumbledore 


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  • gabimarie

    chapter two of "for as long as it takes" is out now! can't wait to hear what you think :)

    1 day ago
  • gabimarie

    ahhh okay chapter one of "for as long as it takes" is out now!! i cannot wait to hear what you think; have an amazing day :)

    4 days ago
  • The Alegreya Queen

    RE: lol; to everybody else, my avi is just pretty colors ;)

    5 days ago
  • gabimarie

    re: ahhhh thank youuuu! i really did like the ending, so I'm glad you did too. genuinely, thank you so much for all of your support and love; it really does mean so much, and it helps keep me motivated.
    yayyy! I'll be putting out another story this week called "for as long as it takes." I'm kinda a sucker for longer titles, if you cant tell loll. anyway, it's about a girl who's in a coma and all that. this one WILL have a happy ending haha
    if you want, i can update you when i publish it? if not, no worries! have an amazing day <3

    5 days ago
  • ava_grace

    Ooh, I love this!

    9 days ago
  • gabimarie

    hi love! the final chapter of "mind, body, and soul" is out now!! please read the footnotes as well; it helps clear some things up. have an amazing day :)

    9 days ago
  • MyFriendsTellMeI'mAGod

    also i really like your piece!!

    9 days ago
  • MyFriendsTellMeI'mAGod

    thank-you thats what i was hoping to achieve in my piece, (not a place)

    9 days ago