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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

Message to Readers

this is a very personal piece explaining why i started writing! i hope you enjoy reading it, any feedback would be highly appreciated :)
don't forget that the poetry book that i described in this piece is actually available to buy- just search up encapsulated emotions on amazon :)

16 and new to poetry and hurting

July 12, 2021


my sister strokes the cover
pastel and matte but to her it is velvet
enveloping and warm and kind
to her it is a sanctuary and casual friend;
she will take it to bonfires and flick through pages
with marshmallow sticky fingers

my friends pass me their copies
my signature starts to mean more than
a joke on a birthday card
"for when i'm famous"
i start to wonder if i will become famous;
it is a dangerous thought, i know
swaddled with bloody bandages and cracked lights

i was 16 and new to poetry and hurting
when i felt the metallic touch of my fountain pen for the first time
when i learned to inhale the paint of my bedroom walls
and exhale illegible scribbles and smudged ink

i had been used and scarred and didn't know
exactly how to put it into words
i used metaphors of the earth
i claimed she was a teenage girl

i used imagery of wine
of better friends and kinder times

i conjured up endless rhymes
kind of like right now-
they sang in my ears and followed me around

i was never alone with a notebook by my side
i watched the sun go down
gold red and pink
the fast fading colours reminded me of everything, of anything;
i wanted to write until my blood ran blue
until my mind was a picture to
analyse or scrutinise

because in all honesty,
it's better to write than to keep pain inside. 


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  • Paisley Blue

    Wow <3

    2 months ago
  • Written_In_Water

    ooo I love this haha - it's so personal and, as always, you are proving yourself a literary genius. The ending is super personal and works so nicely, and I really like all of it - but especially the language in the first and second verses - "marshmallow sticky fingers", "swaddled with bloody bandages and cracked lights"

    3 months ago
  • HeyThereRose

    this is so so so so good
    so beautifully written ahh
    that last line tho
    and the poem references
    this is so insanely poetic as well as personal and an insight into your mind and it is grĂȘt

    3 months ago