May 12, 2014



In a society caught up in things that don't matter, it's simple to make a list of things that shouldn't be true. Fake nails. The concept that acrylic nails are worth thirty plus is mind blowing. Hair extensions. Is your real hair not good enough? Are you not patient enough to let it grow out? Boob implants. Hey, let's put human made items inside our body to enhance our breast and impress men! Botox. My cheeks aren't high enough, I'm going to fix that! The price of clothing. Why does it cost so much to cover our bodies?

In a society that is caught up in things that don't matter, it's easy to make a list of things that should be true. The idea of hard work. Why does the lazy man always seems to be let off easy? Watching out for one another! We always seem to throw others under the bus, rather than lifting each other up. A school system based from teachers who WANT to teach. Why do teachers teach if they don't enjoy it? Band programs excelling in school. Music is much more important to the developing brain than sports and other clubs. Siblings who gets along. Why is it so hard to get along with our siblings?


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