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"The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself. I will keep the law given by God...there I plant my foot" - Jane Eyre

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Hey There Rose

July 11, 2021


Hey there Rose
I see you
Jutting out from the mottled green hedges
On the gravelly path's frayed edges
Poking out with your thorns with dull tips
And your grey smoky petals
Wrapping themselves around the golden pollen inside
Wavy and like mousy curls

Hey there Rose
I see you
The sun strikes your petals and lights them up like a wildfire
And the rush of cars is so deafening low down by the road
They cut through the air - roaring and refusing to be slowed
There is a (complete but transitionary) stillness
In the moment before the rush and the sway and the rattle and the shake
As leaves tear after the car's wake:
You inhabit that moment

Hey there Rose
I see you
Reflecting the star light when the world sleeps
Gazing up at the space between the lights
And at the nebulas tearing themselves apart in their toil
Your stem rooted firmly in the soil
But your head rooted firmly in the air
Which is so empty and non-existent
But it's invisible tendrils connect up the lungs of everyone in the world
And carry thrush songs and dog barks through the night

Hey there Rose
I see you
Jutting out from the mottled green hedges
On the gravelly path's frayed edges
You may be easy to miss
For those rushers rushing past
But your petals are like the folding over of the waves
Your waxy leaves hold the infinite falling of the rain
You may be rather unique but sometimes I feel like, in a way, me and you are the same

The title is taken from the username of my irl friend HeyThereRose (who is a brilliant writer I might add - check out her account!) - I hope you don't mind HeyThereRose but I couldn't resist putting it into a poem.


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