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"The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself. I will keep the law given by God...there I plant my foot" - Jane Eyre

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July 11, 2021


a letter to your younger self. (løne wølf)

i burnt you up like a crisp packet, i betrayed you and i let you down
Like the sun swallowed by the advance of the horizon
You fizzled and faded and drowned

oh you struggled and you flailed - I remember
it took about a year
you dissolve in December

And I can't- 
I can't even write you a poem with rhymes
Because times have just changed too much and my thoughts are buzzing and sloshing around in my head as if the plastic-coated wires that connected me to you were cut with scissors and now I just hear static and it's like you think you're this continuous person but I can't even remember you properly - you're a haze and when I look at photos I know that's not you because I can hear your thoughts and I know that every photograph was faked. And the weird thing is - when I wrote a letter to my younger self I thought of you - even though I could divide my life into 4 segments where my identity was smashed up and glued together again you were the one I chose to write to.

I know why.

I can still remember how, when I was your age, I promised myself that if my future self wrote me a letter then he'd tell me the one thing I wanted to know - so I put it in the first line for you and I assume you stopped reading after that.

But if you wanted some spoilers: you think that you have a purpose right now, something you can't live without. You fail and it is miserable and you continue to fail for a year or so before it ceases to matter. It won't make you feel better but I sometimes do you favours - to remind myself that once I thought like you. After that - you'll get everything you want more or less - and then you'll lose it second by second, minute by minute, day by day for months. That might be a tad dramatic but we both know we're a dramatic person so I'll indulge myself. I don't envy you having to live that experience - it won't be fun. There are, however, positives so don't just think I'm the herald of horrible news. You get two completely undeserved and excellent, amazing and brilliant friends and you'll find out what INFJ means which will be a little pocket of gold dust - but I wont spoil the surprise.

I have nothing more to say really - you do not need my advice because you are equal to me in every respect.

Yours Sincerely, One with sincere regret this letter will never reach you

P.S. There's gonna be a global pandemic so take the logical step of buying stocks in toilet paper companies
This really wasn't designed to be interesting to a reader other than my past self - I really did just take the prompt and say what I would've said to myself 4 years back. I'll publish it anyway but forgive my ramblings


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  • løne wølf

    wow!! this is lovely, especially the line, "yours sincerely, one with sincere regret this letter will never reach you"! it ends the piece in such a wistful and mysterious way, amazing work! :)

    re: ahhhh! thank you so much for all your comments! your feedback means the world to me :) never doubt yourself, you're an amazing writer!! <3

    2 months ago
  • encapsulated_emotions

    also i hope that you were refering to me and rosie in the " You get two completely undeserved and excellent, amazing and brilliant friends" line but i also feel like i don't deserve that many positive adjectives?? lol

    2 months ago
  • encapsulated_emotions

    your control over the pace of this is really admirable! go you!!

    2 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    "i burnt you up like a crisp packet, i betrayed you and i let you down/Like the sun swallowed by the advance of the horizon/You fizzled and faded and drowned" this is such a strong opening to a piece, it's fiery and sets the tone right off the bat. nice job!

    2 months ago