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Late Night Writing

July 11, 2021


I always loved late night writing, especially when I started throwing together a few poems for the first time around November time last year. I was lucky, in the respect that my tiredness never seemed to be affected by how late I stayed up (well - excluding that one time I used up all night to read The Two Towers) - sometimes I can go to sleep at a completely reasonable time and be exhausted all the next day, and sometimes, when I stay up till 2am, it only takes an hour after I've got up for me to be feeling fully awake. 
I always liked the silence and the stillness when I'm writing late. The feeling of being alone, without any expectations from others, and being completely absorbed - oblivious to the the hours melting away. I think it strikes a nice balance. Instead of having to stop living to write, I can spend the daylight looking for snippets of inspiration -like the staleness of day-old birthday cake for breakfast, and the gagging-happy-beach day smell of sun cream- and then spend the darkness putting things into words. 
Don't get me wrong -sleep is important and all that- and I never steal more than one or two hours after midnight to write something so I'm not advocating ruining your sleep schedule for writing - but I always find it hard to find enough unbroken time in the day to get a half-decent poem done. For me - the time when everyone in the house is asleep and the only thing I can hear is myself think is the perfect time to bind my thoughts into some (hopefully) half-intelligible words, rhymes, phrases and stanzas.
Do you agree? How do you feel about writing late at night?


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  • encapsulated_emotions

    you're right!! SLEEP IS IMPORTANT hahaha

    3 months ago
  • Mary Wall

    Absolutely 100%! :)

    3 months ago
  • wisteria

    Yepppp so many times I’ve woken up in the morning to find I’ve written new poems, and for some reason they’re always better than what I can come up with during the day :’)
    Also, this is beautifully written, amazing job!!!

    3 months ago