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i am simply referring to other times

July 10, 2021


although my pain sounds raw and my voice catches
like a blood streaked feather on barbed wire
i am simply referring to other times

even when my eyes plead silently and
my hands fumble like lost kites in the wind
i am simply referring to other times

i don’t want you to think that i am in pain;
that would be a misleading
in actuality, i am aching

my bones have grown and my hair is longer
my freckles have bloomed from sun bathing
but my ears ring with the sound of silence

although my face seems to echo the song of the moon;
a symphony of solidarity and pessimism
i am not sad, i am just accustomed to sadness

my eyes linger on shadows longer than yours do 
and i feel the cool breath of the devil with outstretched hands
my palms have indented lines made from cuts
fate doesn’t reason with melancholia;
my future gave up on me centuries ago

i feel flashbacks jolt my spine and
memories protrude upon my mouth
they seep in a sour taste
the aftertaste of pain

however, do not despair
there is no need to remove the glass from my windows
or unhinge the chandelier and bedside drawer screws;
i am simply referring to other times.
prompt, "i am simply referring to other times" by spencerjewellpoetry on instagram!


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  • Written_In_Water

    Ah this is a brilliant piece - I really like what you did with the repetition in the first two stanzas and I absolutely love the 3rd and 6th stanzas - especially the line "my eyes linger on shadows longer than yours do" - it's so nice!

    2 months ago
  • HeyThereRose

    Omg the handmaid's tale references tho and u sorta got an offred like voice like detached but sad and mixture of past and present
    Tis so good!!!

    2 months ago