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I saw a video on metaphysics and now have oPiNiOnS

July 20, 2021


In PhilosophyTube's recent upload, Abigail, the host, talks about metaphysics. it's something I found really interesting. one of the lines that stood out to me was "when you objectively measure something, you're first making the decision that there is something worth measuring." 

isn't this what we see every single day? 
observing people's incomes to see how smart they are, their religion, caste, sex, gender, orientation to put up a point. 

yes, I am objectively a female capable of giving birth, but why was it decided that that property needs to be observed in the first place (in that context)?

my grandfather casually points in our little debates about people who hid their religions. but doesn't he stop to think, why should he CARE? 

we as a society assigned each other roles according to our biology, heritage or money or other categories. but I often ponder why we did that at all. we made the decision that these categories were worth measuring, observing, to assign roles to people. but is it really so?


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