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this is kinda long and personal but i hope u like it! my book title- encapsulated emotions!

in the grand scheme of things

July 9, 2021


i didn't know that the world was like this.
at seven years old my sister was born and i had such plans-
to travel the world and treat people, to give to the poor

i see clearly now
my eyes once skimmed grubby airport rails
and photoshopped pouts and the local butchers
i thought that they were normal
i thought that they were blameless,
in the grand scheme of things.

but i'm at the edge of adulthood
my future laps like waves to a shore
silent, but corrosive
i am afraid to take a gap year
and compromise my education

i have found alternate ways to help people
i put pen to paper and whisper rhymes
my head bent over fluttering pages
my hair tickles them, coaxes them to comply

i want to say that i know better
and that the world will only get worse;
but there's a small part of me that remembers
the smile on my new born sister's face
when she opened her eyelids for the first time
and skimmed over everything that will one day be destroyed;
when she saw through me and didn't rely on fickle dreams-
i hold a glimmer of hope shaped like forced smile. 
i hope you enjoyed this poem!! if you did, please consider checking out my book- even doing a quick internet search or adding it to a wishlist would mean so much to me :) like everyone here, i've always wanted to be an author and now that i am i need your support! my poetry collection is titled "encapsulated emotions", please check it out :)


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  • HeyThereRose

    Ooooo this poem bro! I love it
    And I spy a micro poem fragment in there
    Everyone buy this amazing idiots book (:

    2 months ago