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I decide to write a poem about the idea of the narrator...but really I'm the writer writing the writer who is narrating about narration :) Inspired by Fitzgerald's genius use of the unreliable narrator as a device in The Great Gatsby - I'd love any feedback, criticism or comments!

Pre-poem Ideas

July 9, 2021


i think that i ought to write a poem 
about the idea of 
the narrator
since it's such a reliable tool to twist the reader’s thoughts
down a certain way, to wrap them in and around a certain path
writing them like a honey bee trapped in honey

and since 1967 saw fit to kill the author like a 1789 Nobleman
i suppose that the living narrator has more power 
than the word-orderer who puts them there
picking things up off silent supermarket shelves

yet the narrator never sees their lifeless desires
their constructed yearnings hang in the air-
the imagined air that exists between the reader and the page

i am not as bound to one idea, one life
i am free to flit around and inhabit eternity

yet i envy my narrator’s single minded, one page performance
they are more confident, more firm and more clean
so maybe i am the bound one and they are free
so maybe i am the one gagging on honey whilst they eloquently
speak (with their own voice - like mine, but distorted and warbled)

this next part has no narrator:

i stopped writing as my sister burst into the room, the door
thrown open smacking against the wall in a way that makes me 
wince. She shrieks “Look!” and shows me a frozen leaf
it’s crimped edges locked in the ice that’s melting onto
the carpet with the passage of time.
It dissolves slowly, melting, blurring, smudging into nothingness 
like inky thoughts given enough time


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