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All the children have withdrawal

July 9, 2021


They sell love to children in 
Fairytale pink 
Bottles tied with bows
Drink me -
And you will be complete

They sell love to teenagers 
In upbeat downbeat beats
Vodka laces with poison
Drink me -
And you will feel okay 

I wonder if when I am old, older 
And still alone, not lonely
They will still sell me love
Drink me - or you will die, drink me and life will be worth living
I wonder if they will still sell me love
And if I will still be hooked on 
A concept I don't understand


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  • July 9, 2021 - 9:02am (Now Viewing)

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  • Dragonfly

    simply great! I love your choice of words and the "drink me" metaphor! I find it very comprehensible too, because romantic love is deemed indispensable.

    3 months ago