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July 8, 2021


Love is of all the emotions
The most dramatic and traumatic
And the childish desire to hold hands 
And stare into someone’s eyes that melt 
With the warmth of sun soft ice cream
Is like a child saying “I want it”
Then, they are promised it
And they don’t understand it 
And it’s hoped they forget it
In spite of the burning billboards that advertise it

Love is like a 14 year old artist - unsatisfied 
And chipping away at the remaining white space
Shading in the edges of your eyes
With a long continuous tunnel vision
That slowly constricts the freedom of your gaze
Until they are fixed forward on one single point
An accidental blot in a notepad
Which is a future untethered to our present
And the pursual of it 
Is like the stretching of a glass rubber band
That, when snapped, shatters into needles
Until your tender hands dare not even dabble
In friendships, let alone expose themselves 
To the brightness and the chaos of the sunlight

They bleed and shake 
And you think you can fix them with paper stitches
But the sickly blood dampness the stitches till they
Fall away and your eyes refuse to look
To see if the scars are ugly 
So you wear warm mittens which hug your tender skin

I think love fascinates us
I think people are obsessed with the idea
Of flooding themselves into someone 
And that they will be able to drain the ache from out skin
And fill us with some sense of fulfilment
That we feel we’ve irrevocably lost before we began

I am no exception to the whirlpool idea
That I can need someone and be needed in return
The way a child needs ice cream as confirmation 
The way a child needs to learn

And I think that we are no exception to the rule that
Love is a martinet that makes of us willing puppets:
It is hard to resist 
But harder to still to find some justification for wanting to


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  • encapsulated_emotions

    this is so good! you've got a real knack for describing emotions and putting them into words :)

    3 months ago
  • The_Sunrise_Queen

    this is wonderful!

    3 months ago
  • Figwit [HIATUS]

    OH MY GOSH. This is amazing!! I love the imagery and metaphors you have here. There's a stunning amount of insight into human nature here, captured in such... Dramatic detail :)

    3 months ago