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A poem about insecurities

little evils

July 8, 2021


small timid thoughts
curl slightly at the edges-
paper postcards

poured over
like internet articles
on how to be right

pawed over like tablets-
clinical blue and smoothed
sanded down and ripe

i keep them on pillars in the corners of rooms
away from noisy relatives with their eyes like sunbeams-
looking up at the gently lapping tropical ebbs and sands
with the sea as clear as the mirror i hold-
at what they think they should see

i keep them tenderly
i keep them on pedestals
like only children

they cry out loudly
and my eyes fill
as i hold them softly

i hold them softly
and they are precious to me
and they clasp me

like sharp teeth that don’t need me
that don’t need my love

and tear
like the cuts you get from thorns
only hateful and screeching like newborns

yet their gnashing at least is mine
my proof my thoughts are crumpled and old
and so i polish them like gold

i love them quietly
without them my worth struggles
to cover the cost of the paper

and at night they kindle
and fill the room with smoke
like a snake tongue
and in my blindness 
across the room i hear my mirror crack 

i love them quietly
and at night I clamp a pillow around my head
to stop their sinister whispers 
waking others in their beds


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