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stroll, walk, or run?

May 18, 2015

PROMPT: Walking


Many of us choose to take a path that may be easy, intermediate, or extremely difficult. No matter what type of situation it may be, we choose one and usually stick to it. Which ever level it may be, how might you take it on? In this writing lets take for example our education. Where we go to college has a big effect on whether it may be easy, intermediate or difficult. And the amount of classes we take per semester also deteremines that. We can stroll or walk by going to community college or run going to a University. As we all know, community college or small amounts of classes and Universities are often a bigger amount involving full time determination in your studies.

Going to a community college is up to you, but ofcourse you can choose to stroll or walk through it. It is at a smaller pace which it can be easier. How we choose to take on those small amounts of classes have style. You can swag right through your classes, or walk through with posture. But either way, the way you take it influences your chances of the finish line.

Same goes with going to a University. Although in this case, you may be forced to run. Classes may be more difficult, at a faster pace. The finish line may feel a lot farther but it is a lot more valuable at hat point. You have worked so hard now it is time to run and finish hard at the finish line. 

No matter what path you may take, there will be a finish line. Keep your pace whether its strolling, walking, or running get to the finish line and it will al be worth the effort.


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