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Would you agree about this city as well? What do you think about the way i expressed myself in my writing?

The Beautiful City

May 18, 2015

The Beautiful City. Los angeles, California. Walking along the side walk, of Sunset Blvd. Vibes unlike any where else. It looks like home. It smells like home. I can't imagine anywhere else making me feel at home like West LA does. For these three senses, i introduce to you what i call home.

Stepping through the city, all i see is a beautiful culture. Unlike any other city, you see the happiness in peoples faces. Happiness that have the freedom to express what ever they decide to express. Such as: your sexuality, sense of style, freedom of thought and religion. Sure that may be everywhere, but in this particular city, no ones bothers you. Everyone is so confident in themselves. Being self-actualized only brings happiness. If your happy everything is happy, and i beleive in that most. Just like the people of West Los Angeles, they see things just as i do. That happiness and exceptance is what it is all about. It is so easy to make friendships with people around this city. Everyone is just so easy going, and that is what i see in this city. The potential grow: love and acceptance. 

The smell of fresh paint on murals, gleeming at you from the reflection of endless city lights. There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of art that expresses who we are. The fact that there is such exceptance to expose our beliefs through art makes this city smell like flowers. The smell creates a sense of being at home, it allows you to feel relief and happiness. Being able to walk the streets seeing art being expressed by people is what creates our culture. Whether its a mural or a portrait in a museum. The sense of such a broad culture allows every and any person who visits this city feel at home. 

The sense of style expressed by people in this city is so broad. We get the chance to express what we like through sense of style and fashion. The world comes to one in this city. Fashion and style expressed from all over the world in one place. Everyone has so much self confidence that it allows them to express what they truely desire to express. And in this city it is accepted and almost praised. Another reason for everyone and anyone to feel at home in the city. 

As you can see, this city is a beautiful place in which i call home. Not because i am a resident, but because of the culture and vibes the city gives off that can allow any person to call it home as well. Now its your turn to visit the city, smell, sense, and see the happiness of being at home.


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